Estrategia Email Marketing: bajo coste y gran eficiencia

Madrid, 17 de mayo del 2013.- Email is maybe the oldest way of contact between a company and its clients, but not the worst. Email marketing is full of possibilities: you can send massive mailing in the blink of an eye, track your public’s interests and, finally, connect your email adress to your blog or web, your social network accounts and to other apps. And some platforms offer all these services for free.

How many email messages do you delete every day? I don’t know about you, but it’s the first thing that I do after switching on my computer: deleting lots of messages without reading them. Even when I got a system that blocks spam automatically, my inbox is full of messages and I don’t have time to open and read all of them. But sometimes a good subject line attracts my attention. The Email marketing has achieved its goal.
And which is its goal? Enhacing the relationship of a merchant with its current or previous customers. Email marketing is serious, is based in loyalty and respect. You have to distinguish between indiscriminate messaging that you haven’t ask for (spam) and messages that come from a company which you have a previous commercial relationship with. Previously you bought something or showed interest in its products, you gave your email adress and, eventually, the firm offers you its new launches.
Sometimes, companies concentrate their efforts in promotions in social media platforms and forget about the most traditional way of contact with their clients: the email. They have a full database with their clients’ email adresses and are sure about their clients’ interests, why not to get the most out of their email lists?
Once we have clear what Email marketing is, talk about another delicate question: Do we have to ask for permission to possible receptors? Yes, of course. And here we have a second concept: Permission Marketing. The prospective customer has either given explicit permission for the marketer to send their promotional message or implicit permission.
Third, we have to look for the perfect tool to send our messages. Forget about Outlook and other classic systems and think in specialized platforms. These modern platforms are faster, reliable, show a more attractive design and offer more possibilities. You can choose among lots of them: Rapidmail, Sarbacan, VerticalResponse, Aweber, Doppler and MailChimp.
We have talked about the full range of possibilities that these platforms offer. Let’s take MailChimp. First, you can connect your MailChimp account to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and integrate it with applications like WordPress, Google Analytics, etcetera. There is a second connection: you have the option to send an email with the content of every new post you publish in your blog or web. Third, you track every campaign and how it works: you know how your suscribers react, if they click a link back to your site, how many opens and clicks you got, which links are the most popular, you find out where in the world your followers are located, compare your rates with other companies in your industry…
If you want to take advantage of all of these possibilities, of course you have to take care of the writing of your ‘business card’: the subject line. It has to be attractive and suggestive; otherwise, your potential clients won’t open the email. Don’t use a professional and formal language; get close to your recipients. And like always, use your common sense in order to touch your public’s nerve.
Análisis de Marta Frechilla, publicado en el Blog Estrategia Digital 
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